We provide expert software development in IT security, authentication, encryption and digital signature.

libC Technologies gains excellent customer references in the field of
government, finance, insurance, industry and telecom


Flexibility and Security in the Cloud

Security Professional Services

Our professional security experience helps you get the most from your current systems, control costs, improve performance and productivity and reduce risks across your enterprise.

Identity & Access Management

We offer identity management solutions to help you efficiently manage user identities across multiple systems and applications. You want to mitigate the impact of security breaches to avoid data loss and business disruption, implement strong policies and controls that help address information security compliance requirements, and maintain customer trust.

From Hardware to Software Turnkey Solutions

We design and develop hardware and software solutions which integrate new technologies into your current architecture: embedded solutions, secure device drivers ranging from card readers, smart cards, mass storage, HIDs, USBs and secure APIs.


Industry Standard Security Products


Native security APIs and Toolkits for HSM Hardware Security Modules and Smart Card devices and drivers for identity and access management services, printer, scanner and cloud storage.

Public Key Infrastructure and Digital Signature

RFC, ZertES & ETSI conform PKI Public Key Infrastructure, Time Stamp Authority, Signature Services, Online Certificate Status Validation, Key Management Server, Registration Authority and Certificate Management software suite supporting a wide range of Smart Cards and HSM Hardware Security Modules.

Smart Cards

An Open Source Smart Card from chip to device driver for all your encryption and authentication needs. The product features biometric card activation and BLE Bluetooth Low Energy interface to communicate over a secured channel with mobile devices and desktop computers. The card is already FIDO ready. Keep your digital keys on an EAL certified chip and container. Integrates with Microsoft, Unix, iOS and Android.