libC Notary


libC Notary is a Microsoft Windows printer driver which enables you to print, save, archive, search, scan, index, retrieve, sign and time stamp any file into a digital PDF/A-1b document using any Windows desktop application.




  • Print from any application PDF/A-1b long term preservation documents for distribution and archiving
  • Embed ETSI conform qualified digital signature and time stamp tokens using your preferred crypto provider (hardware or software)
  • Incorporate Anywhere Code Bar at the footer of the printed document to help your end users retrieve and digitally validate the documents using their smartphone with any supported scanner software
  • Send each printed document with associated signatures and time stamps to an archiving service of your choice
  • Enable full text search on your archived documents to perform linguistic searches against text data by operating on words and phrases applicable to your document history
  • Share the driver through the standard Windows group policy settings